Hello, my name is Don Griffith and this is my little corner of the web where I write about things that interest me and then share them with you.

As a long-time Toastmaster, I am accustomed to speaking about my interests but writing them down? That’s new for me.

Join me as I wander down genealogical trails, capturing the best stories of interesting people, places, and times. In some pursuits, I am a tyro learning the rudiments and making plenty of mistakes. One such pursuit is videography and you can follow along as I learn, usually the hard way.

And that Toastmasters thing? Being a member since 1997, I am sometimes tempted to ask myself, “Is there more to learn?” The answer, of course, is, “Yes!” and you’ll read about those new lessons and discoveries here.

Stay tuned!

FYI – The photographs featured in my blog headers are free, stock images courtesy of pexels.com.

Connecting—Past, Present, and Future